Humanism is a Religion

We Can’t Read the Bible in School but Religion is still taught.


I will never forget when I was a teenager and John F. Kennedy was shot about the time that the Bible was ruled as unconstitutional to be taught in school.  Madalyn Murray O’Hair led the charge.  She was an atheist and as a result of her efforts our schools have morphed into teaching another religion, Humanism. Just as the Supreme Court ruled against teaching the Bible in school, they have also ruled that Humanism is a religion.  In 1961 in the case Torcaso v. Watkins we have this report:

“In 1961 the U.S. Supreme Court took official cognizance of religious Humanism in the case of Roy R. Torcaso, a Humanist who was refused his commission as a Notary Public under a Maryland law requiring all public officers in the State to profess belief in God. In delivering the unanimous opinion of the Court that this statute was unconstitutional under the First Amendment, Justice Hugo L. Black observed:  “Among religions in this country which do not teach what would generally be considered a belief in the existence of God are Buddhism, Taoism, Ethical Culture, Secular Humanism and others.”

The Texas Tech Law Review states that, “The Seeger decision defined religion as all sincere beliefs based upon a power or being or upon a faith, to which all else is subordinate or upon which all else is ultimately dependent.”  Thus, according to Seeger, religion “includes atheists, agnostics, as well as adherents to traditional theism.”  (The Battle for The Mind – Tim LaHaye – page 128.)

The 1970 Webster Dictionary defines religion as “any system of belief, practices, ethical values, etc., resembling, suggestive of, or likened to such a system….” which would make humanism a religion.  Again in the Texas Tech Law Review, John W. Whitehead, attorney and former congressman John Conlan published an article entitled “The Establishment of the Religion of Secular Humanism and Its First Amendment Implications.”  According to these lawyers, several court decisions have ruled that humanism is a religion.  One case prompted the court to state that in the case of both theistic and humanistic religions that the schools were required to carefully avoid any program of indoctrination in ultimate values.  There is more but the point is that the courts consider Humanism to be a religion.
With these facts before us, one begins to wonder why the U.S. Government is teaching one religion while demanding that another religion, belief in God and the Bible, has been completely shut out of the classroom. If there is really a separation between religion and state as the Government claims, then there should be a separation between the state and Humanism with all its associated values.  This  separation should be to the same degree that the schools and our society as a whole have legislated God out of the classroom.  For the U.S. Government to allow the teaching of humanism in all its forms is a violation of the very principle that they upheld when they struck the Bible out of public schools in the 1960’s.  We are going to point out many of the traits of Humanism that confirm its status as a religion.
If we go back to our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson called unbelief a religion.  Modern day agnostics and atheists brand any belief in God as “religion” but consider their lack of faith in God as non religious.  The truth is that whether a person believes in God or not, the definition of “belief” applies to either view.  It is either a belief “for” or a belief “against” God.  In a book that I am rewriting from the days of Abraham Lincoln called Foundations of Morality it is pointed out that belief in God is something that no one can deny just like believing in time, space, or self consciousness.  For a person to deny the existence of God is to deny that they exist or that there is no such thing as time or space.  To be sure, it is more illogical to deny the existence of God than to accept it just as we do the existence of ourselves.  This would mean that a “belief” that God does not exist becomes as much or more of a religion than to just accept God in a similar way as one would accept the existence of time, space, or self existence.  Either way, both a belief in God or a belief denying God is defined as “belief.”   When our founding fathers discussed the separation of church and state which became the First Amendment to the US Constitution, religion was defined as “…all believers or unbelievers of the Bible…”  This would apply equally to believers or unbelievers in the existence of God.
What Humanists have craftily done is to define belief in God as religion (hardly what Thomas Jefferson and our founding fathers believed)  but their “doctrine” as secular humanism. They have cunningly removed their religion from the discussion while getting the courts and all policy to focus only on the belief in God as the only religion intended in the “establishment clause” of the Constitution.  In addition, since morals are clearly defined in the Bible, then being moral is defined as religious.  In this way a religion called humanism has successfully excluded both religion (belief in God) and morality (living free of self-gratification)  from the classroom.  What is the result?  The schools are now wide open to other religions doctrines approved by the government and education like the doctrines of atheism, evolution, amorality, autonomous self-centered man, and a socialist one-world view.  Even Madam Blavatsky, one of the founders of New Age thought in the 1880’s, a worshiper of Lucifer and a believer in channeling or talking to demons, believed in most of what Secular Humanism believes, namely evolution, autonomous self-centered man, and a socialist/communist world view which promoted the coming New World Order.  There is no doubt but that this system of beliefs is a religion.  One cannot help but consider strongly that if believing in the Bible and morality is expelled from the Public School system, then the beliefs of atheism, evolution, amorality, autonomous self-centered man, and socialism should also be banned from the classroom.  They are all part of a religion as defined by the Supreme Court and our founding fathers.  The sad thing is that our modern day text books are purposely eliminating any teaching of what the founding fathers believed or taught in the interest of fostering their own godless religion of no moral values.  THEY ARE DESTROYING OUR MORAL FIBER by forcing their own religion on our children illegally.  Let’s see just how far this Secular Humanism has gone in showing that it is truly a religious belief system.
Humanism has a religious theology. Every religion has what they call doctrine (teachings of theology).  These doctrines are what define God, origins, man, values, and future life.  In this way, secular humanism has well defined theology:

  • Disbelief in God
  • Belief in evolution
  • Rejection of absolute morals
  • Deification of man as supreme
  • Belief in the innate goodness of men to govern the world equitably without God

In fact, the theology of humanism is so well defined and established in our educational system that if it was banned from the schools and every humanist voted out of office they could officially apply for a tax-exempt status as a religious organization.  They certainly would not do this now because they are receiving over $200 billion dollars every year to fund their vast network of humanist churches called public schools, colleges, and universities.  One would think that there should be a general uprising of the American public against this huge waste of tax payer money to promote a religion that the majority of Americans reject.  Why should so much money be spent on supporting this religion where parents are compelled to subject their children to “New Age” and “esoteric” thought that has its basis in Lucifer worship and atheism.  It seems to me that every parent in the country would scream at their Senator and Congressman just like Madalyn Murray O’Hare did back in the 1960’s.  We need to take it all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary to stop this indoctrination of our young children in a religion sponsored by the Federal Government and paid for by Taxpayer money.

Attorneys Whitehead and Conlan make this statement regarding secular humanism:

“…while Secular Humanism is non-theistic, it is religious because it directs itself toward religious beliefs and practices that are in active opposition to traditional theism.  Humanism is a doctrine centered solely on human interests or values.  Therefore, humanism deifies Man collectively and individually, whereas theism worships God.  Moreover, while humanism draws its values and absolutes from the finite reasoning or relativistic Man, theism has received its values and absolutes through the revelation of the infinite Deity or Creator.  Both humanism and theism worship their own “god.”  The difference is the object of worship not the act.  Therefore, Secular Humanism is a religion whose doctrine worships Man as the source of all knowledge and truth, whereas theism worships God as the source of all knowledge and truth.”

It could not be stated more clearly that Secular Humanism is a religion with a definite theology.

Humanism must be accepted by faith! Christians boldly proclaim that they are saved by Faith in Jesus Christ.  They are not blind or irrational when they discuss this fact about their faith.  Christians don’t follow God blindly but rather use their mind, will, and heart in response to the revelation of God provided in the Bible.  Isaiah 1:18 says, “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord…”  Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.  Humanists also accept their religion purely by faith.  The five doctrines in their theology must be received by faith.  Corliss Lamont, one of the clearest writers on the subject of secular humanistic thought concludes a book that he wrote with the words:  “For his great achievements, man, utilizing the resources and the laws of Nature (capitalized letters show a proper noun and this means they are worshiping nature and man which pantheism which pagans have worshiped for thousands of years), yet without Divine aid, can take full credit.  Similarly, for his shortcomings he must take full responsibility.  Humanism assigns to man nothing less than the task of being his own savior and redeemer.”  He is stating a humanist concept that, like the Bible and belief in God, the concept of humanism must also be accepted by faith.  Christianity is a belief based upon faith just as is Muhammadanism, Confucianism, and every other religion which must also be accepted by faith.  Why should the Federal Government of the United States finance and promote one religion and exclude other religions.  It is totally unconstitutional.  In fact, our founding fathers put the word Creator  and God in the founding documents.  Why would a government that has God in the pledge of allegiance and on its currency force a totally different religion on our children than the one on which our country was founded?  The people of America need to rise up and protest in no uncertain terms against this abuse of power and prejudice against the same God that our country was founded upon while promoting a totally different “god” and religion.  What is wrong with what has been written in our country’s founding documents. Why is God accepted there but replaced with man and humanism in school?   It is prejudice pure and simple, but it is certainly not America, nor is it freedom of speech or religion.  Freedom of religion would allow just as much expression from those who believe in God as those who don’t.  We have made freedom of speech apply only to the religion of humanism but prohibited for the religion of belief in God and the Bible.
Humanism is rooted in religion. A study of history will show that humanism started with the Greek culture (four centuries before Christ) and though it almost vanished after the fall of Rome it was revived by Saint Thomas Aquinas in the twelfth century.  Secular and Christian scholars both agree to this fact from history.  However, though the Greeks believed in humanism as part of their polytheistic religion, humanism can actually be traced back to Confucius, Buddha, and even to ancient Babylon, considered the source of almost all religions.  Lamont, who was quoted above, also recognizes the roots of humanism in the Greek culture as well as in the teachings of Confucius in China and Buddha in India.  The Humanist Manifesto actually begins, “Humanism is a philosophical, religious, and moral point of view as old as civilization itself.  It has its roots in classical China, Greece, and Rome.”  Humanists actually admit that their teachings began in pagan religions which means that no one can deny that it is a religion.  Even Christian thinkers are wrongly influenced to believe that there are three kinds of thought:

Actually the more accurate view would be as follows:

  It should be obvious that since Humanism originated in the same region as other ancient religions that it still contains many of the beliefs of these pagan religions.  It should also be obvious that a religion that was formed out of early pagan religions is also another pagan religion.  In the USA the source of Humanism was Unitarianism.  Unitarians don’t believe in the Deity of Christ and they had much to do with the demons, necromancers, satanists, and occult members who created the corrupt Greek manuscript for the Bible called the Westcott and Hort Greek Text.  They were also working toward a New World Order and, in fact, Westcott and Hort are world renowned as the originators of Channeling along with Madam Blavatsky who was a Lucifer worshiper.  They were all seeking a New World order and the destruction of the Bible and of Christianity as we know it.  Unitarians along with these new age religions consider Jesus Christ a mere human, not God in the flesh.  They do use Jesus as an example of the perfect humanist man but nothing more.  Our Federal Government is linked with some very mysterious and sinister religions in trying to mandate that American school children worship at the feet of their pagan religion of secular humanism.
Unitarianism was popular in Europe largely because of the view that God was, in their liberal view, a deistic and impersonal Source of all things, a very fertile ground for humanism.  Unitarians and humanists both believed that man was autonomous and self-sufficient.  Man was the captain of his own fate.  In 1825, Unitarians who had come to America during that period broke away from the Congregational Church to found their own church.  Even today Unitarians are prominent in leading the humanist movement.  Congregationalists and humanists both belong to Ethical Cultural Societies and when their Humanist Manifesto II was written, 25 of the signers were Unitarians.  There was actually a sermon preached in 1925 by Rev. John H. Dietrich, who “showed how Unitarianism had naturally laid the basis for Humanism.”  Unitarianism is 95% humanistic believing in evolution, amorality, autonomy, and a socialist one-world view.  The only thing that keeps a Unitarian from being 100% humanist is that they are deists, not atheists.  When a Unitarian Sunday School Teacher teaches in a public school, 95% of his beliefs fit the public education curriculum.  He can safely label his religious beliefs as “education,” “secular humanism,” “evolution,”  and much more.  He can teach his religion in school Monday through Friday and then teach the same thing in church on Sunday.  Why is the US Government committing this fraud on our young people and teaching them a pagan religion in direct contradiction of Supreme Court rulings against the government sponsoring or teaching religion in school?
Humanism is a way of life. Right after Christ ascended to heaven, believers were compelled to worship Him in secret and live a life called the way because their dedication to Jesus Christ caused them to live a different kind of life.  This is how humanists practice their religion.  Lloyd Morain, a leading humanist, has said that humanism is doubling every year.  (References and all facts in this article are taken from The Battle for the Mind by Tim LaHaye.)  In fact, he said, an increasing number of protestants, Jews, and Catholics were following the humanist “way of life.”  Humanism is a self-centered existence, a life without any dependence upon God.  This is the life that Satan offered Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden in Genesis when he said that they could be like God knowing good and evil.  He meant that they could be a “god” unto themselves and decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong.  In my book“Foundations of Morality” self gratification is part of the myriad of sins linked to selfishness. Each sin lowers the character of the individual to the point that they will stop at nothing, even breaking the law or murder, to achieve their clandestine selfish ends.  Selfishness is at the root of every evil and crime in the world and has caused more pain and destruction than any other influence on society.  Humanism is the ultimate selfish state.  It is a state of total corruption and leads to deeper and deeper states of evil.  When a person answers to no one but self, they can make life a hell on earth for everyone with whom they come in contact.  No living being is more miserable than one that is totally given to selfishness or self gratification.  In fact it is impossible to be a moral being and still be a humanist. The very definition of humanism shows this to be the case. The term moral means that a person makes choices of right and wrong.  That can only be determined by an inner moral law.  The moral law is a law of love to God and to other human beings.  Humanists only love self.  If they love others it is with a selfish motive.  For any set of rules to be a law, especially moral law, there must be a government with sanctions for either keeping or breaking this moral law.  A humanist has no moral government besides himself.  He answers to no one, obeys no one, and is only governed by his own selfish desires. Moral government keeps its subjects in line with sanctions that either reward or punish the moral being for the choices that they make.  Humanists become what they are because they want no sanctions of any kind.  They become a law unto themselves.  In order for sanctions to be carried out there needs to be a moral government and moral governor.  No human being can be a true moral governor because they cannot possibly govern the whole universe. A human being would never level sanctions against himself.   Humanists take themselves out of moral government completely and seek to replace moral government with selfish choices. They talk about a new world order governed by selfish immoral man. This means that their new world order is an immoral order.  Is it any wonder why, when it comes to moral behavior, humanists have the attitude that anything goes as long as it feels good to you since you are your own god?  Do we realize what we are teaching here?  Do we see what an evil religion our US Government is pouring down the throats of our youth?  They are literally turning them into selfish monsters following the religion of Lucifer and Unitarianism, the religion of secular humanism.
Humanism inspires missionary zeal. Dr. Mary Calderone is a leading humanist and a radical when it comes to advocating sex education.  She travels over 100,000 miles a year spewing out her religious humanist gospel.  What is it that makes humanists travel like this in order to propagate  their humanist religion?  It is a sinister kind of missionary zeal, the desire to spread this cancer on our society to every possible corner of the nation and the world.  Dr. James M. Parsons explained that the reason these PH.D. psychiatrists travel the country with so much missionary zeal just to promote sex as a sexual activity (that can be done with anyone) is that they want the youth of America to be so occupied with sex that they don’t have time for spiritual pursuits.  The feverish promotion of sex education along with their teaching of a theology of other types of self-gratification is all a part of humanism with its missionary zeal.  They are not content to be corrupt and immoral themselves, they wish to bring others into their immorality as well.  They promote such things as that marijuana not being harmful, encouraging the use of drugs, advocating freedom to get involved in viewing pornography even as an assignment in school, ridiculing values of parents and of our founding fathers, downplaying free-enterprise while espousing socialism and Marxism, making patriotism out of style, and generally promoting anything short of a good education.  The humanist obsession with sex, pornography, marijuana, drugs, self-indulgence, rights without responsibility, disillusionment with America, and other things has led only to rebellion against God, parents, authorities in school and in the community, a lack of skills, self worth, purpose and happiness.
Why are they so dedicated to destroying society and particularly our children?  Much of it relates to their missionary zeal driven by their own religious leaders (high priests of humanism).  Men like John Dewey and others have been extremely influential in molding the lives of children into their own religious way of thinking.  It is the humanist that cries out “religion” if a student is caught praying or reading a Bible.  But let them teach their religious belief of free sex, drugs, and rebellion and no one dare say a word.  They actually think that if they can break the moral fiber of our country that they can achieve their religious goal of a new world order and a one world government and religion.  This is the religion of the Anti-Christ, Satan, or Lucifer.  Our own Federal Government is promoting the religion prophesied in the Bible that will end in the worst conditions the world has ever known.  Yet because of their religious and missionary zeal, they are blinded to what will be their final fate.  America needs to wake up and realize that Humanism is a religion and our US Constitution states that no government agency is allowed to promote a religion under the “establishment clause.”   We need to begin taking the boards of education to court with complaints and demanding that all religious teaching be stopped, even the teaching of the religion of humanism.  We need to vote every humanist out of government and school boards.  We need to remove every humanist curriculum from the classroom.  We need to remove every humanist teacher and educational administrator.  We need to abolish any teacher’s union that advocates for this type of religious teaching in schools.  Any political leader that advocates the humanist theology of abortion on demand, equal rights for gays, decriminalizing prostitution, homosexual marriage, loose laws about pornography, child’s rights over parents, legalizing marijuana, gambling, and removing the right to own and bear arms needs to be voted out of office. It is not constitutional to teach this religion of evil and immorality to innocent minds any more.  How high is the corruption in this country?  Tim LeHay’s book gives us this quote from Attorneys Whitehead and Conlan:
“Vice-President Mondale, who has in the past been a contributor to The Humanist, was a major participant in the 5th congress of the International Humanist and Ethical Union held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in august 1970.  In his opening remarks, Mondale made the following comment:  ‘Although I have never formally joined a humanist society, I think I am a member by inheritance.  My preacher father was a humanist–in Minnesota they call them Farmer Laborites and I grew up on a very rich diet of humanism from him.  All of our family has been deeply influenced by this tradition including my brother Lester, a Unitarian Minister, Ethical Culture Leader, and Chairman of the Fellowship of Religious Humanists.'”
This is most disturbing!  The leaders of our country have no problem in promoting a religion called humanism and they even brag about doing it.  However, if a Christian talks about prayer and believing in God it is not allowed because it is a religion. We need to rise up in every court of every city and state in this great country.  We need to force our US Government to ban the teaching of the religion of secular humanism just as they banned Bible and prayer from the schools.  If one form is religion is not constitutional, then no form of religion is constitutional, including Secular Humanism. I truly believe that if we hit them where it really hurts and prove in court that they are wrongfully teaching religion and doing it while claiming that they have kept the barrier of separation of church and state intact when this is certainly not the case,  we will see some real changes in our society and schools.  What they are doing is illegal and unconstitutional.  Who will rise up and take this cause all the way to the Supreme Court?  Madalyn Murray O’Hare did it and changed a nation.  We have many fights in the political arena that we as Christians are losing every day because our leaders have lulled the courts to sleep with the claim that secular humanism is not a religion when it actually is a religion as we have shown in this article.  Once we make this stick we will break the back of the humanist position to advocate for evolution, abortion, sex education, gay rights, humanism, new world order, and socialism because all of these areas are part of the theology of humanism and since humanism is a religion, they should not be allowed to teach their theology any more than a Christian can teach prayer and belief in God in the classroom.  Let’s limit education to studying, reading, writing, math, history, our founding fathers, our constitution, the work ethic, character, and other subjects and keep education out of the field of religion or allow true free speech which includes freedom to pray or talk about God and the Bible. Let’s keep education where it is supposed to be, in the field of educating our children.  Perhaps we can change our country after all

US Government Illegally Promoting Religion in Schools
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