RACISM AT ITS FINEST. by Pastor David Williams


My parents were missionaries to Africa and if anyone has read the history of Africa with the cannibals and head hunters and tribes worshiping Satan and Demons where they captured members of other tribes and made them slaves or had them for dinner, it makes one wonder about all the race bating and talk about African Americans that we have in our generation. If one were to read the history of the Jews with the Kings and prophets that they had throughout their history until God sent the Assyrians and Babylonians to capture them and carry them away to foreign lands, it should cause one to stop and think about some things. Blacks in America, even when they were slaves, had been rescued from the deepest of Satanic rituals and the abuses of Islam because most of the slave traders were Arabs that dealt in human trafficking.

When God carried the nation of Israel and then the nation of Judah captive, it was to punish them for their devil worship and sacrifices to demonic idols. What were the slaves who were brought to America, a Christian nation, doing when they were captured? Were they feasting on the flesh of other tribesmen or did they have shrunken heads in their mud huts of their victims? My parents told me once that the power of the WITCH DOCTORS was so strong that if a person ate chicken they would die from the power of Satan. When a Christian wanted to prove the power of God, they would eat chicken right in front of the WITCH DOCTOR and the village to prove that God had more power than all the demons of hell. My point here is that maybe God was doing those heathen in Africa a favor by carrying some of them away to work as slaves in America rather than becoming the meal of a rival tribe. Maybe God was also punishing them for their heathen practices in worshiping the Devil and demons like he did the Children of Israel.

The truth is that the whole theory of evolution revolved around Charles Darwin’s racism. He actually went to Africa to find the missing link. He considered that blacks were some form of mutation from monkeys or gorillas. Talk about racism. Yet we have allowed racism to be taught in the schools in the form of Evolution. Did Charles Darwin go to England or Germany or France to find the missing link? No, he went to Africa. I don’t think that it was so much their dark skin that caused this way of thinking. It was their way of life. Why is it that England, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and even Asian nations progressed in science, industry, commerce, medicine, and other things in the modern world? I say that it was because of the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that took many of these nations away from the dark ages spawned by Catholicism and witches like the Druids in England. While Africa has been greatly reached with the Gospel, yet they remain largely more primitive and in darkness, at least until they are really evangelized and taught by missionaries.

Then we come to Planned Parenthood and the fact that the early reason for that organization was to exterminate the black race from this country, a thing that was well known to be a plan of the Democratic Party for many years. I have often wondered why it is Democrats that act so caring as they abort babies of blacks by the millions. Why is it Democrats that want evolution taught in the schools. Why is it Democrats that want a national health care initiative that would give the government a right to refuse treatment to blacks or any other race. Why do Democrats want to take from the rich (whites) and give to the poor (blacks)? Is it to keep them in slavery as Herman Cain so correctly pointed out and not allow them to rise up to become entrepreneurs and business people like other races. Oh, was it not Republicans under Lincoln who freed the slaves and we fought a war over that issue. Was it not the Democrats of the deep south that were all a part of the Confederacy and refused to abandon slavery until the north forced them to give up their evil ways. Actually, when you think about it, the black race was still better off on the plantation than they were in Africa where they would be eaten for dinner or held under the control of the WITCH DOCTOR.

So why do we hear so much about African Americans. Who would want to be linked to a past so dark and evil as head hunters and cannibals? The nation of Israel learned a lesson when they were in Babylon. They learned that it was because they had turned against God that they were made slaves in other foreign nations. What sin was God judging Africans for? Though I am a pastor, I work like the Apostle Paul in business. Do you know that even in our modern day world that some businesses will not do business with Africa? Do you know that some of the most heinous scams come from Nigeria and other African nations. Do you know that in their culture of the past it is a mark of power to put over a big lie on their enemies or competition? I have literally received hundreds if not thousands of scam emails from Africa where they can quote the Bible and things about God but the whole purpose is to scam us out of money in some way. So with all the missionaries and all the millions of dollars spent on evangelizing Africa it is good that many have been saved, but it is also apparent that many of them are only using what they learn from missionaries to scam people of other countries.

So, we have to ask ourselves this question. Are white Americans racist? Some of them are, largely it was Democrats who are always race bating Republican contenders. Should American blacks be calling themselves African Americans? If they really stopped for a moment to think about what racism has done for them they should thank God every day that they were better off as slaves on the plantation where they heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a Christian nation than they ever were in the heathen continent of Africa. Who would want to link their heritage to WITCHCRAFT and SATANISM? How about people from England or Sweden like my grandfather. Am I a Swedish American or am I just an American? When it gets right down to it, blacks are far better off in America than they were in Africa and it is Democrats that have abused them and used them for their own political gains when deep down inside Democrats are the worst racists of all. They are for Planned Parenthood, the leader of which started the organization to exterminate blacks. They are for government sponsored education that teaches the racist philosophy of evolution in the schools. They are for taking more taxes from the rich and giving to the poor which will keep blacks on the Democrat plantation when it is the Republican Party that is known for Christian Conservative roots that is trying to help blacks get off the DEMOCRAT PLANTATION. So, if you want to find racism at it’s finest, start with Africa where PEACE LOVING MUSLIMS make slaves of Africans even to this day and Islam is deadly against blacks. If you want to find racism at its finest, look at the culture that blacks were rescued from when they were gifted by God to come to a Christian nation. If you want to find racism at its finest, take a look at the politically correct culture we live in that wants to link blacks with the demon culture of Africa and keep them in the ghetto living off the government and paying for abortions or supporting illegitimate children born out of wedlock. If you want to find racism at its finest, look at PLANNED PARENTHOOD. If you want to look at racism at its finest look at Nigerian scammers who take glee in scamming whites from other nations. If you want to find racism at it’s finest take a look at how the liberal media gives shelter to a President who has done more damage to this country than any other in history only because he is black. If you want to find racism at its finest, look at what happened to Herman Cain because he was a conservative. If you want to find racism at its finest, wait until the general election and you will find that anyone who is against BARACK OBAMA is doing so because he is a racist.

Oh, that brings me to the last point. Do you think that Barack Obama who escaped the jungle in Kenya would be the Present or Prime Minister of any other country in the world besides CHRISTIAN AMERICA? I doubt it very seriously. Yet, come November it will be all those racist Democrats and even the Black Racist President who attended a church that believed that Judgment should come on America because of the evil treatment of blacks. WHAT? Blacks should be praising God that they live in this land of opportunity where they have a chance to find God and have escaped the Judgment of God that fell on all the heathen demon worshiping tribes in Africa. GIVE ME SLAVERY IN AMERICA over all the WITCH DOCTORS that ever lived in the dark continent of Africa. Say with Herman Cain, I am an American and proud of it and don’t let racists tell you otherwise.

Racism At Its Finest
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