paul-ryan-beardSpeaker Ryan:

You are a disgrace to the Republican Party and also to all Americans. Donald Trump evidently knows more about the law better than you do. I was in favor of you being the speaker of the house, but you have shamed us all with your statement and your Muslim beard. SHAVE IT OFF! If you don’t know the law, you should not be in Congress or the Speaker of the House. Just in case you don’t know what I know and all Americans have discovered, here is a link that should refresh your memory. Here is the link and I hope you take time to read it:


Imam from Texas supports Donald Trump’s position

Our country is going to elect Donald Trump as President and you, of all people, should be united in the goal the people of America want to go. The preference of all Americans is to be like Japan and keep #Islam from our shores. However, short of that, you should make an amendment that any Muslim that lives in America must agree to reject Sharia Law and abide by the US Constitution. If they will not adhere to this principle which all Americans hold, they should not be allowed to live in this country. One BIG MISTAKE you are making is treating Islam as a religion. Since their form of government does not have separation of church and state, you can’t treat their religious ideas as merely a religion. It is another foreign government and it is a foreign law which is a theocracy. Look that up in the dictionary if you don’t know what it means. We need, rather than treating this as freedom of religion, to be treating this as opposing governments and sovereignty. Anyone who will not renounce Sharia Law is a traitor to America and cannot be allowed to live in this country. If you are the man you promised America that you are, you need to take my advice and apologize to America and begin working on legislation that will help this issue. Don’t hide behind your beard. Now is no time for games. We are at war with another government.   This is not a religions issue. WAKE UP AND GET WITH THE REST OF AMERICA. WE THE PEOPLE WANT TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

David Williams

(Note – Not only is this a disgrace to the Republican Party but your quote, that of Bush, Cheney, and all other negative quotes will be fodder for the Democrats to bash the Republican Party when Donald Trump is running against one of their choice.  Shame!!!!)

Letter to Paul Ryan and the GOP Establishment
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