Morality/Disinterested Benevolence in Action

This online book was one of the main principles of Dr. Jack Hyles’ life

About Foundations of Morality  – A Legal/Theological Viewpoint from the Days of Lincoln

This blog is about writings from the days of Abraham Lincoln which have been edited and made available for readers to see just what the foundations of morality have been in other generations and how they are so drastically needed in our generation.  Before reading the posts, it will benefit the reader to follow the menu in the order portrayed at the far right at on the slider above.

There will be postings that are meant to bring the truths of this site to modern day reality.  Please keep coming back to read more.  Also, please watch the MEETING JESUS VIDEO.

Foundations of Morality goes back to the root of moral thought and principle.  It was originally developed during the days of Abraham Lincoln by a lawyer turned revivalist, Charles G. Finney. He was one of the greatest revivalists that this country has ever known.  His influence was almost as strong as that of George Whitfield and Jonathan Edwards who came slightly before Charles G. Finney.  His revivals resulted in hundreds of thousands of people coming to God and created what is called the SECOND GREAT AWAKENING in America.   Since the writings are public domain we have revived these writings and edited them to resonate with the current world view and theological clarity.  Essentially the true foundation of all morality is loving God and others.  No one can love God unless they know Him.  There is an intrinsic value in knowing God that will be defined in the pages that follow.  We truly believe that when a person repents of their sins and makes a complete surrender of their life and future to Jesus Christ their Lord, they will have the anointing of the Holy Spirit that so many crave. There is no joy and no peace that can compare with that which comes from being totally surrendered to the Christ of the Cross.

That is what the intrinsic value of knowing God is all about. It is about losing yourself in a life where God is the end and scope of life and self is truly crucified with Christ.  Without the cross there is no resurrection. Knowing Jesus Christ is not just about dying with Christ, but also about Resurrection Power. That means Miracle Power. It is only when one experiences being crucified with Christ that one finds the true miracle of a changed life. Read these pages and see why it is so true that knowing Jesus is worth selling all to take up our cross and follow him.